Rewards Program

Create an account to instantly earn 1,000 points!

Points may be used along with coupons, sales and other eligible offers (see applicable details).

$1 spent = 10 points earned

Earn $5.00 discount for every 2000 points redeemed

There is no minimum point requirement for redemption.

Points earned from purchases are based on cart subtotals before coupons, shipping and applicable tax are applied.

  • To see your rewards balance and activity, click on “Account” at the top of any page. Then, select “Rewards”.
  • To redeem points, go to the shopping cart. Then, click “Apply Points”.
  • To see how many points an item earns, visit that product’s page.

Earn 5 bonus points by logging into your account and rating and reviewing purchased items.

Ratings and reviews are subject to review and approval. Points and rewards program may be adjusted, altered or cancelled at any time and for any reason with or without notice. Points are only redeemable as credit toward eligible purchases on Points may not be redeemed for any form of cash or credit except as described herein. If you created an account prior to this rewards program and made a purchase, points have been added to your account. If you have made a prior purchase but did not create an account, create an account, then contact me to have points from your purchase applied to your account. Points are earned after completion of purchase and may be applied to a future order. Bonus point discount amount is approximately 2.5% – points earned are rounded.