Lemon White Cloud Minnow – Tanichthys kuehnei


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Very Rare CyprinidTanichthys kuehnei for sale Newly described in 2019 as a stream fish from Bach Ma Mountains in the Hue province of central Vietnam – Read More

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Also Called:

  • Lemon White Cloud Mountain Minnow
  • Yellow White Cloud Mountain Minnow; and
  • Vietnamese White Cloud Mountain Minnow
  • Sometimes incorrectly sold as Tanichthys thacbaensis

Care: These small locally (tank/pond) bred cold water beauties are easy to care for and breed. No heaters are required as they thrive in cold water at typical indoor temperatures. During winter months, these fish have been raised indoors using RO water with frequent water changes. During the Summer, they will be bred in higher quantity in outdoor ponds using hose/rain water.

These fish are highly tolerant and forgiving.

Appearance: Mature fish become very yellow; grow very long trailing fins and lose nearly all of their red coloration. You will get to see them grow into these characteristics, as the younger fish you receive will be breeding age and have mostly gold/silver/red coloration.

Young Tanichthys kuehnei have less yellow coloration and more red in their fins. However, they can be differentiated from the other Tanichthys fish by the width and location of the stripe across their sides; the white and black edges on their dorsal and anal fins and the number of branched “rays” on their anal fins (these have 9)

Behavior: Males display at each other similarly to other Tanichthys fish, by expanding their fins in a fanning flutter. These fish are very peaceful. They do not attack each other or heavily prey on their young; making them ideal community fish.

These very rare fish are adorable when young and magnificent upon maturity.

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