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Contains over 400 full-color photos! ISBN: 0866224998Author(s): Dr. Herber R. Axelrod and Dr. Warre E. BurgessPrinted in U.S.A – 384 pages – copyright 1995 The saltwater end of the tropical fish hobby is more popular today than ever before. The reason is simple: keeping marine fishes is easier and more enjoyable than ever before, because today’s equipment and salt mixes are better – and because more is known about the fishes and their requirements. Saltwater Aquarium Fishes has been one of the standard reference books to marine fishes and their keeping for many years, and now it too is better than ever. It gives valuable introductory information on setting up and maintaining the fishes, but the main thrust of the book is the survey of fishes commonly (and even not so commonly) available to marine aquarists. A chapter is also devoted to invertebrates. This new edition of this valuable book includes a major change i the photographic presentation of the fishes. Not only have the vast majority of photos been replaced with new and better photos of the fishes showing them in their best colors, but many new photos have been added. This new, more colorful edition should better serve the marine aquarist in his [sic: “their”] quest to know and be able to keep fishes.


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