Small Black Pre Filter Sponge


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Height: 3.15 inches
Diameter: 1.57 inches

These Easily fit over the intake of Marineland Penguin 150 and 200 Bio Wheel models.



We use these pre-filter sponges on our Hang on Back (HOB) Filter intakes to prevent young fry from getting into the filter.

These pre filter sponges also help provide additional biological filtration media, which holds beneficial bacteria and helps to cycle your tank.

Care: Rinse the sponge regularly, as you would a sponge filter. When clogged with detritus, rinse the sponge in clear tank water until unclogged.

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$1.25 Each, 3 for $3.50, 5 for $5.75, 10 for $9.99, 25 for 19.99, 100 for $75.00


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