Coralife 50/50 Flourescent 6,000K True Actinic 03 T8

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32 Watts – 48″ Bulb

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Coralife 50/50 T8 Fluorescent Lamps feature two types of light in one! Each lamp provides a mixture of 50% 10,000K natural daylight and 50% True Actinic Blue phosphors. This full-spectrum lamp provides tank inhabitants with the proper light required for essential biochemical reactions.

  • 50% 10,000K Daylight and 50% True Actinic Bluelight
  • Casts sparkling white rays and softer shades of blue light
  • Fits all compatible electronic ballasts
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums

Organisms dependent on light for photosynthesis will thrive in this lighting environment. Fluorescent lamps are energy efficient and are engineered to provide superior performance and long life, using the highest quality materials available to ensure consistently rich color. These 50 50 lamps can be used with a Coralife ColorMax lamp to provide desired lighting in your aquarium.

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