Boyd Enterprises Red Slime Chemi Clean – 6 Grams (Treats 900 Gallons)

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Safe For All Reef Tanks, All Invertebrates, Desirable Macro Algae, Nitrifing Bacteria And Fish. For Best Results, Turn Off UV Sterilizer Or Ozonizer and Discontinue Protein Skimmer. Remove chemi-Pure or Carbon Filtration for 24 Hours Following each Treatment. It Is Advisable to do at least a 20% water change after full treatment.

Removes Red Slime, Black, Blue-green and Bubble Producing Algae. Eliminates Dangerous Trapped Organic Sludge. Clarifies Aquarium Water To Crystal Clear, And Promotes Ideal Enzyme Balance. Contains No Phosphates, Algicides Or Erthromycin Succinate.

You Must Use An Air Stone When Using This Product. Please Put Your Air Stone In Your Tank Before You Start To Dose The Tank.

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