Aqueon BettaBow 1 with Quick Clean Technology Aquarum Kit Black – 1 Gallon


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1 gallon

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Aqueon BettaBow 1 with Quick Clean Technology makes first-time fishkeeping easy. Betta will love this one-gallon aquarium complete with low profile hood, elevated base, betta food, and water care samples. This kit is equipped with a unique feature Quick Clean Technology, making water changes easy to perform in only 1 minute. Good water quality is important for the appearance of the aquarium and essential for your Betta to remain healthy and happy. This kit is equipped with Quick Clean Technology, a uniquely designed side spout that helps empty the aquarium quickly and with no mess. Also included are two collection cups to make your water changes even easier.

  • Equipped with Quick Clean Technology to perform water changes in just 1 minute
  • Improve water quality for a happy healthy Betta
  • Includes aquarium vessel, black hood and elevated base, two collection cups, betta food, and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner, setup guide
  • Great home for Bettas
  • For first time and experienced fish keepers of all ages

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Weight 31 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.25 × 9.25 in


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