I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

If you receive live stock that is dead on arrival (DOA), email a photo of the fish (in unopened bag) as soon as you can and I will work with you to either replace (if available) or refund your purchase.

If the fish you receive die within 24 hours of receipt, I would be happy to provide you with store credit.

Cycle Your Aquarium before ordering fish – skipping this will likely cause fish to die prematurely

I strongly advise keeping any new fish in a quarantine tank to keep new or existing fish from becoming ill from each other.
Different aquariums have different water parameters. Therefore, it is always best to slowly acclimate fish to both their new water temperature and quality. We do our best to only ship healthy fish. However, there may be occasional issues. If so, please give me the opportunity to make it right.

Email me at Jer@applevalleyfish.com