Build a natural environment for your fish

Level: Beginner

As previously discussed in How do I cycle my new aquarium?, indoor aquariums are attempts to mimic a natural ecosystem.

So, when you consider setting up a fish tank, you should consider nature.
Your fish will be healthiest and happiest if you recreate the natural environment that they have adapted to.

To help you discover the natural needs of the fish you choose to keep, research these questions:

  • What type of fish do you want to keep?
  • how does the natural ecosystem of those fish act?
    • Is the water a fast flowing stream?; or
    • do the fish you want come from stable water reservoirs?
  • What other life lives in those waterways?
    • Plants
    • Shrimp
    • Worms
    • Copepods
    • Plankton & Phytoplankton
  • What substrate rests at the bottom of the desired fish’s water?
    • Sand
    • Soil
    • Rocks
    • Silt
  • What depth of water do your fish come from?
    • Shallow streams
    • Deep water

Do what you can to provide the fish what they need.

From there, the aesthetic options to satisfy your personal tastes are limitless.

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